Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Midway also confirms a new Blitz game

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Though much of last night's hubbub was about the will they/won't they delay of Unreal Tournament 3, Midway also let a few other game releases slip in their financial report. One was an upcoming Mortal Kombat, which we already heard about, but Midway also confirmed that they were working on a new entry in the X-TrEmE football series, Blitz. You no doubt remember Blitz for its steroid juicing and the ability to send hookers to the opposing team more than for, say, the football part.

Though we're happy for any series that helps make EA want to put an effort into Madden, we can't help but be bothered by something. In a world where Chad Johnson celebrates touchdowns by finding Jimmy Hoffa and shooting fireworks from his fingertips, O.J. Simpson is on a nationwide crime spree and Michael Vick eats dogs whole, how much more extreme does football need to be?
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[via] Joystiq

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