Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Games for Windows Live 1.2 goes live in November

If this stack of Dear Santa letters we borrowed from that orphanage is any indication, the one thing that kids really want this Christmas is, well ... it's a family. But somewhere in that pile, there was a hand-scribbled letter from one poor orphan named Timmie who only had one wish: that his DirectX 10 gaming rig would get to sample an update for Games for Windows Live before the new year.

It looks like Uncle Bill was listening, and Timmie is going to get his wish just in time for the holidays. This November, Games for Windows Live is getting a 1.2 update with all sorts of exciting new features that are sure to make Timmie happy. Features like five new languages (including Dutch!), twelve (12!) new gamer pics, and a Network Information Viewer "to provide a simpler way to troubleshoot connectivity issues" (heaven knows the orphanage's WiFi is pretty unreliable). Best of all, if that internet connection is down, Timmie can still pump up that Gamerscore since they're adding support for offline Achievements.

Some of the other kids tease him, tell him to check out the new Steam Community site (and join that awesome Joystiq group), but Timmie likes the half-implemented confusion of G4W Live ... it's the only feeling he's ever known.
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[via] Joystiq

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