Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bass Fishing's return confirmed for Wii

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While some of our fondest memories growing up are of lazily casting lures from the bank of some nearby pond, we're much bigger fans of soaking up the fishing experience vicariously without having to deal with the so-called 'great outdoors.' To this end, Hudson's Fishing Master for the Wii was a tame recreation of the sport, and to be honest it left us wanting, reason enough to be excited that Sega plans to release a port of its Dreamcast favorite Sega Bass Fishing for the Wii sometime next spring.

As previously rumored, the title looks to have gotten little by way of a cosmetic makeover since players first grappled with the Dreamcast's optional fishing rod controller nearly a decade ago, so those quick to call out the Wii for its failure to keep up the high-def Joneses will find plenty to balk at here.

However, Sega points out that this latest version will include 'content developed exclusively for the Wii,' though the company has not been forthcoming with what exactly has been added, only to note that Sega Bass Fishing will feature more than 20 different types of lures to entice the the game's four different kinds of freshwater bass. In addition, players will also be able to select the season and time of day, as well as choose from 15 different lakes, giving us plenty of reason to stay indoors as we try to reel in that elusive whopper from the comfort of our easy chair.
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[via] Joystiq

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