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Today in Joystiq: September 26, 2007

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Hehehe, kitteh iz not amuzed. Looks like the Legendary Halo 3 helmet is a cat-compatible, after all. Thank reader baby sea tuna for clearing that up; check out the highlights for today:

Nega-review: Halo 3
Reminder: Joystiq's Legendary Halo 3 Giveaway (day 2)
TGS07 bits: Darth Vader paparazzi
TGS hands-on: Patapon
Today's sing-talkingest video: Mushroom Singdom

Jericho finds no salvation or rating in Germany
Halo novel Contact Harvest coming Oct. 30
PSP-2000 hits 300,000 sales in Japan
No PS3-to-PC play in Unreal Tournament 3
Jack Thompson submits gay porn to court -- judge not amused
Activision pockets Project Gotham dev Bizarre Creations
Tecmo taps Grasshopper for Fatal Frame Wii
Some unfamiliar titles in PS3 rumble compatability list
New Sam and Max season starts Nov. 8 with 'Ice Station Santa'
Harmonix confirms Amazon Rock Band delay notices are wrong
THQ continues Dawn Of War expansion with Soulstorm
Halo 3 garners $170 million in US first day, breaks records
Kane and Lynch dated, strikes November 20
Nintendo's Beth Llewelyn quits

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst says Take-Two on right path
Sega boss: PS2 could sell for three more years

Culture & Community
Final Fantasy retrospective: Part X
Adorable Master Chief mimobot USB flash drives
Gamasutra dissects open world games
It's Guitar Hero Day in New York, apparently
Behold! The gorgeous Metroid Wii mod
Barker lays smackdown on Ebert about games not being art
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