Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Konami unveils MGS4 playable at TGS, Wii Fitness

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As Joystiq staffers descend upon the great city of Tokyo for the annual Tokyo Game Show, Konami kicks things off blasting out a list of all the games they're showing off at TGS and, we imagine, their press conference scheduled at 3PM Tokyo time (that's 2AM Joystiq time). Tops on that list is undoubtedly Metal Gear Solid 4 which, according to their press release, will be making its playable world premiere. We're already dreading the giant lines of would-be stealth assassins that will no doubt snake around this game's kiosks.

Metal Gear Solid 4 not blowing your skirt up, Nancy? Well, Konami's got you covered. If snapping people's necks isn't your idea of a good time well, we could question your patriotism, or we could point you people towards some of Konami's other offerings. The Big K isn't even ashamed to reveal that they've got a "game" called Wii Fitness (not to be confused with Nintendo's very own Wii Fit), along with some thrilling software like Pilates, Yoga, and Skin Basic for the Nintendo DS. We know some Metal Gear fans that could use all of the above. Check after the break for a full list of Konami's TGS lineup.

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