Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rumorang: New Xbox 360 bundle, Core this holiday

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A "mole" has unearthed a pair of juicy rumors for Opposable Thumbs, detailing not one, but two new Xbox 360 bundles expected just in time for the holiday splurge.

The first, described as the Xbox 360 Pro package, will reportedly include a single case featuring both Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, much like what was done with the old Sega GT/Jet Set Radio bundle for the original Xbox. Rumors of this bundle first surfaced last month, and this latest report seems to add a measure of certainty to those claims.

This package is expected to drop on October 9, with a similar bundle for the Elite coming October 23. Unfortunately, according to the aforementioned mole, there won't be a price drop, but two free games is two free games.

The mole's most interesting suggestion, however, is a new Xbox 360 Core model that will arrive "at the end of October," sporting a HDMI port, wireless controller, 256MB memory card, and five XBLA arcade games (Boom-Boom Rocket, Pac-man, Uno, Feeding Frenzy, and Luxor 2) on a single disc. Even better is that, according to the subterranean varmint, the package will carry the standard Core price of $279.99.

If true, these deals look to offer a number of options for those still hesitant to dive into the Xbox 360 pool, making October a month to watch.
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[via] Joystiq

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