Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seaman 2 trailer is weird, uplifting, heartbreaking

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It's kind of sad how much we love Seaman. Maybe it was the Leonard Nimoy narration, or the way the Jellyvision writers made the titular manfish so snide, maybe it was talking to our video game and finally having it talk back to us. Whatever the cause, we love Seaman. You can imagine then, why this trailer for Seaman 2 is so very, very heartbreaking.

Let's be honest, this thing's never going to come out here. It's just too odd. It's like they managed to add another layer of weird to something that was already impossibly unusual, perhaps using the same tech as the wizards at Northern use to add more layers to their quilted toilet paper. Seriously, it's a game where you appear to play god on an island populated by cavemen, but there's a fish with wings and legs. Oh, and also, a baby caveman is using a cell phone. ... So, no. It's never coming to America. But it's nice to dream.
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[via] Joystiq

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