Friday, September 21, 2007

TGS07 hands-on: Metal Gear Online

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Surprisingly the line for Metal Gear Online was relatively short, even for a press day, so we took advantage and got our hands on the upcoming online stealth shooter. Twelve PS3s were set up so that a constant rotation of players could fight together, six to a team. As each match began the next set of players were sent to a mysterious back room. Finally it was our turn and we could discover what was going on back there.

The door opened onto a tiny room filled with chairs, a projector and a Japanese woman with a pointer who sternly (though she was talking in Japanese so we can't be sure) gave us our briefing. Undoubtedly hilarious if you understand Japanese, we were sadly left staring at the lady's beret. We did, however, learn the basic controls via the enthusiastic pointing at the handy images that were being projected onto the wall. These will be familiar to anyone who's ever played a Metal Gear Solid game before. After a short talk on the skill system and an overview of the map we were sent out to fight.

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