Thursday, September 20, 2007

NHL 2K8 charges $5 to unlock feature already on game

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2K Sports released the 2K Reelmaker add-on for NHL 2K8 yesterday at 400 MS Points ($5 USD); the program allows a variety of video recording and playback options for the game. According to 1UP, the download for this feature is a puny 108K, which means consumers are paying to unlock a feature that is already on the game's disc. We are not amused.

If a feature is already on a disc, it should be accessible. Essentially 2K Sports is charging consumers more money for something they already bought, selling them a key to a door they already own. At least the ridiculous COG tag videos were something you actually downloaded from the marketplace, it may have been wasteful, but it was content not already on the Gears of War disc. We hope 2K doesn't become the new EA of the Xbox marketplace, nobody likes that.
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[via] Joystiq

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