Thursday, September 20, 2007

GameTap Thursday: Picking up some of Scrapland

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OK, so we fully admit that we're far more excited about a few games coming to GameTap in the near future than the offerings this week. It almost feels like we're getting some gaming scraps to hold us over until the awesomeness of Typing of the Dead. Speaking of scraps, Scrapland is now part of the free games lineup at the service. The game isn't fantastic, but for free it's definitely worth trying to see if it's your cup of oil. The new subscriber games this week are:
  • Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (PC) - Yes, it absolutely would have been better if it was Beyond Thunderdome ... but it's not. This WWII RTS with turn-based elements is actually the gem of this week's new offerings.
  • Project Eden (PC) - A squad in the future uncovers one of those major conspiracies just littering the place. This game never really got traction, but there are some nice mechanics like being able to change squad members at will. Something we hope Jericho really perfects when it comes to GameTap at release in a couple months.
  • Aces over Europe (PC) - A very old flight-sim from way back in '94. As you can probably guess, it's all about flying a plane in the WWII.
  • Gods: Lands of Infinity (PC) - There is absolutely nothing in this fantasy RPG game that you haven't seen better someplace else. GameTap probably got this game for a pack of smokes and a roll of toilet paper.
After the break we have GameTap's updated list of free games, now at 41 titles. Like we said before, try out Scrapland, you never know. There's also the original Myst for free too.

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