Thursday, September 20, 2007

Metareview: Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)

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Namco Bandai's Eternal Sonata waltzed its way into retailers this week around North America to generally positive reviews. If you still haven't tried out the demo, there's something about it that seems to speak to those who don't typically enjoy the RPG genre. The battle system definitely is refreshing for those who like a little bit more action and button mashing in their gameplay. Oh, and the game sure is purrdy.
  • GameSpot (85/100): "Once you get beyond the glittering production, how does it actually play? Thankfully, the gameplay is satisfying and moves at a slick tempo. There are no random encounters, so you can see every monster. Oftentimes, you can simply go around them, though you will be forced into some battles (and some terrific, challenging boss fights too). Combat isn't a typical series of turns with infinite time in between, though: Eternal Sonata's system is an inventive mix of turn-based and real-time warfare that gets trickier as the game progresses."
  • IGN (83/100): "Eternal Sonata is a great RPG to give to your kid, but it's also put together well enough for older gamers to enjoy. If you haven't had much experience with RPGs, Eternal Sonata would be a great way to get your feet wet. Hardcore RPG fans might find the game a bit lacking, but we found enough to enjoy in the game to keep the limited role-playing elements far enough out of mind from start to finish for the game to keep from growing stale."
  • 1UP (60/100): "Sounds like the latest trendy European art-house flick, but this is the typically clichéd domain of Japanese role-playing games. Frédéric Chopin is no plucky teen, and he's certainly no bald space marine, so all the elements are in place to tell a different kind of videogame story -- which is why it's all the more frustrating that Eternal Sonata squanders its imaginative setting."
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