Thursday, September 27, 2007

GameTap Thursday: Touching the line of copyright infringement

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No, that's not Indiana Jones. Sure, it looks like him and the plot of Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse sounds like it was taken from two parts Dr. Jones and one part The Mummy, but it's clearly not copyright infringement. See, Cameron might dress like Indiana Jones, but he's a private investigator, not an archaeologist -- but his friend Moira (pictured) is an archaeologist. Anyway, Cameron Files is still a good modern old-school adventure game. The rest of the GameTap offerings this week are an FPS and two WWII games. Once again, we're more excited about one of the free games going into rotation: Bubble Bobble. The new subscriber games this week are:
After the break we have GameTap's updated list of free games, now at 41 titles. Bubble Bobble is still our stand-out on that list. But you can always try Tomb Raider III. The last game before Lara became a total mess and needed the Legend makeover.

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