Friday, September 21, 2007

Eye of Judgment priced $69.99, includes PlayStation Eye

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On October 23, Sony will unleash its foray into digital card battles, the Eye of Judgment. According to the official PlayStation blog, the game will come packaged with the PlayStation Eye camera and will set aspiring deck-shufflers back $70. Also included in the set is the camera stand (dubbed "judgment stand"), the 9 Fields battle map, a starter deck and an 8-card booster pack.

Booster picks will cost $3.75, and you can also pick up one of five pre-constructed theme packs for $14.99. Additionally, the article also explained how to prevent online gamers from cheating via pre-registering your decks with the game and letting the software randomly select what card gets drawn next. We understand the need for precaution, but we're not looking forward to skimming our decks trying to find the physical card we virtually drew.
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[via] Joystiq

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