Thursday, October 4, 2007

Writer's Guild of America recognizes game writing, announces award

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Video game writing is a mixed bag, running the gamut from the thoughtful story and dialogue of Bioshock to "wizard needs food badly." Still, no form of writing should be without its accolades, and it's encouraging to see the Writer's Guild of America finally calling attention to the often-thankless field of writing for video games.

The Guild's New Media Caucus has officially announced the Video Game Writing Award, which will first be presented in Los Angeles at the Writer's Guild Awards on February 9, 2008. According to, the award has been introduced to broaden the Guild's repertoire of acknowledged writing fields, as well as promote awareness of game writing as a craft, and hopefully raise the bar on the quality of game writing as well. No words yet on the nominees, but we can probably make a few guesses.

[Via Gay Gamer]
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