Sunday, October 7, 2007

Today in Joystiq: October 5, 2007

We are presenting the first-ever Joystiq W.T.F. award for Sony, who managed to single-handedly outshine the Microsoft / Bungie schism by deciding not to make the newest PlayStation 3 model backwards compatible ... at all.

Even though it cost them practically nothing to upload written software that lets it work, Sony in its Great Benevolence decided to screw customers but tell them that it's for their own good. doth quote the Penny Arcade, "we need you to believe another new lie." [Update: The conversation continues here.] Congratulations on the dubious award, check out the highlights for today:

DS Fanboy Lite: Sept. 28, 2007 - Oct. 5, 2007
Joycast Podcast 019 - Eating crow edition
Today's trickiest warthog jump video: Halo: The Three Towers: Revisited

Savage 2 beta arrives for paying customers
Super Smash Bros. Brawl features co-op
Nintendo's outside PR head lands at Kohnke Communications
Dennis Kucinich opens up shop in Second Life
Codemasters bringing pirates, wizards, and dragons to Wii, DS
It's official: Bungie branches off from Microsoft
Majesco picks up Nanostray sequel for 2008
40GB PS3 official for Europe -- no backwards compatibility, at all
Crysis' console future reliant on PC version's success
Guitar Hero III's wireless PS3 guitar rocking a dongle
Epic still not supporting Wii
EA snatches up PlayLinc dev SCI
Sony explains why there's no BC in the 40GB PS3
Super Halo Brothers traverse World 1-1
Too Human video developer diary coming to Xbox Live
Pirates of the Burning Sea shivers your timbers Jan. 22

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Contra 4 releasing Nov. 13

Culture & Community
KB Toys: DS/GBA games are buy one, get other 50% off
Major Nelson asks gamers, 'Sup?
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