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Today in Joystiq: October 4, 2007

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The gang at Games Radar have managed to revitalize interest in toys we never really used in the first place -- PixelBlocks. Using this LEGO rejects, the gang have managed to recreated classic game sprites from a simpler time in video games. Out of the entire gallery, we have a fondness for Bubble Bobble the most. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq hands-on: PlayStation Eye
Joystiq impressions: Conflict Denied Ops
Today's luckiest video: Halo 3 grenade throw

Writer's Guild of America recognizes game writing, announces award
Kart Rider open beta (finally) begins in North America
Ugly new Playstation logo discovered
Mass Effect Collector's Edition details released
ESA targeting elementary schools with anti-piracy message
Halo 3 makes $300 million in one week
Uncharted developer discusses PSN demo, HD support
Tetris Splash already has 14 pieces of DLC
Japanese Halo 3 finishes the foreign fight in first place
Rockstar, others upset with Simpsons game
GameTap Thursday: Agent 47 causes an Emergency
Gears of War emerges on PC Nov. 6
Jeff Minter tweaking Gridrunner++ for XBLA
NCSoft unveils Carbine, armed with former WoW, Fallout devs
Orange Box includes single by geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton
Games on Zune? Don't hold your breath, says Allard
Neill Blomkamp talks Halo promos, film's demise

Rumors & Speculation
Who could make Halo 4? MTV's Stephen Totilo speculates
ICO or Shadow of the Colossus sequel may be in the works

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation reviews Halo 3, hates it
Gunpei Yokoi passed 10 years ago today
April Fool's 8-bit tie now available
CliffyB's top priority for movie Marcus: Charisma
Rockstar gets their Manhunt 2 Wii all bloody
World Cyber Games finals in Seattle this weekend
E for All those with empty, unfulfilled lives
Halo 3 tourney aims to 'Finish the Fight' against breast cancer
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