Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today in Joystiq: October 3, 2007

If you didn't check out the gallery from a Blizzard developer's wedding, then (a) shame on you and (b) enjoy this Legend of Zelda sculpture. Check out the highlights for today:

Blizzard designer's gamer wedding
Joystiq hands-on: Gears of War (PC)
Joystiq hands-on: Kane & Lynch
Joystiq hands-on: Tomb Raider Anniversary (Wii)
Joystiq interviews Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki
The Joystiq network is looking for a few good writers
Today's most relaxing trick: Skate 'laid back crash'

Trauma Center: New Blood vid shows why four hands are better than two
N'Gai Croal redesigns the Wiimote for Metroid Prime 3
Aerosmith, Cream, Disturbed, many others added to Guitar Hero III
Immersion CEO on next-gen rumble and possible Nintendo IP infringement
Blue and pink Xbox 360 controllers now available
Midway also confirms a new Blitz game
Study: Women's spatial abilities increase with video games
Kojima's Ryan Payton talks more underwear monkey
GamePro graphs PS3 and Gamecube sales
Nintendo shares jump to record high
Italy to get 40GB PS3 on Oct 10, Gamestore mag reports
As you wish, Princess Bride game in development
Lair soundtrack now on iTunes
City of Heroes going back in time
Lightsabers in Wii's Lego Star Wars exactly what you hoped for
Sony Europe says no 'big bang' announcement Oct. 12
Panzer Tactics DS video thrills with exposition
Wednesday XBLA update adds Carcassonne 'King & Baron'
Simpsons, Bladestorm demos come to PSN tomorrow
Capcom (finally) casts loving gaze at PS3

Culture & Community
Old people Wii bowling is awesome! -- Episode 1
Design a Fallout 3 perk, win notoriety and gaming gear
Brewfest celebrated in World of Warcraft
The Mummy 3 cribbing from Resident Evil 4?
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