Monday, October 1, 2007

Sin and Punishment and Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels on Virtual Console

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Wow, after a couple of weak weeks (we're not sure if that was a pun either) the Virtual Console has come back in a huge way this week with Sin and Punishment and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Though Sin and Punishment has never been formally released in North America, you probably recognize the name as the one that slips through the lips of shooter fans as they say their evening prayers every night.
  • Sin and Punishment (Nintendo 64, 1-2 players, 1,200 Wii Points) -- You're not hallucinating with that price. Not only have you had to wait seven years for it, you're also going to have to pony up a couple of extra bucks. Of course, there is some extra translation here, so you can probably justify it to yourself, especially if you're dying to experience Treasure's classic shooter. Besides, it's really good. We'd rather pay $12 for this than $10 for Yoshi's Story any day of the week.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (NES(R), 1 player, rated E for Everyone, 600 Wii Points) -- This remake of the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is being released on its own for the first time in the U.S., and you're paying an extra buck for the privilege. Of course, you're also getting it with the original NES graphics, so maybe that's worth it to you if you're the curious sort. But please, do yourself a favor and buy Sin and Punishment first.
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[via] Joystiq

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