Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shining Force devs creating new DS RPG Steal Princess

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Like twins who look alike but follow entirely different circles, Japan-based Climax Entertainment and UK-headquartered Climax must get sick and tired of people getting them confused and mistaking one for the other, with the former best known for creating the Shining Force series of RPGs, while the highlight of the latter's portfolio is what, Sudeki?

While we assume that Climax continues to work towards this November's release of Silent Hill Origins, 1UP has revealed that Climax Entertainment is revisiting familiar territory by creating an original role-playing game called Steal Princess for the Nintendo DS. Set for release in Japan sometime next year, information on the new game is scarce save for that it will be an isometric RPG starring a girl named Anis (aka the "Steal Princess") and her magic-wielding fairy Kukuri, and true to the game's namesake this dynamic duo will steal back treasures that were themselves previously stolen by the ominously named Devil King.

No plans have yet been announced to release the game outside Japan, of course, though as it stands we're on the fence as to how we feel about Steal Princess already. We know Climax Entertainment can create good stuff, as evidenced by both Shining Force and Landstalker. Then again, they also gave us such forgettable escapades as Time Stalkers and Dark Savior, prompting us to follow the old adage of 'one bitten, twice shy.'
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[via] Joystiq

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