Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rumor: Halo 3 360 bundle in the wild

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Just after the news that the 360 would be getting some bundles this holiday season, rumors of a Halo 3/360 bundle are starting to crop up. In some of the most concrete proof so far, a poster on elotrolado.net showed off what he claimed to be one of these bundles, purchased in the town of Mijas in Spain. It's a 20GB system with an HDMI port (but no cable). According to a depicted receipt, the purchase price was 350 euros, or approximately $540 in US dollars.

We have no clue if these pics are authentic (our sketchy sense is most definitely tingling), or if this bundle will be coming stateside. Surprising absolutely no one, Microsoft is staying mum on this for now. But with four 360 SKUs on the market, doesn't this seem like a bit of overkill?

[Via Eurogamer]
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