Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PopCap games casually stroll onto PS2 and Xbox 360 retail shelves

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PopCap Games, who you may know from a multitude of casual titles, will soon release two "greatest hits" compilations at retail for PS2 and Xbox 360. PopCap Arcade Volume 1 will be for Xbox 360 and feature Bejeweled 2, AstroPop, Feeding Frenzy and Zuma at a retail price of $30. The PS2 version, PopCap Hits Volume 1, has Bejeweled 2 and AstroPop for $20.

The Xbox bundle will save you $10 off of buying those four games from Xbox Live Arcade. For PS2 owners retail is the only way to purchase those titles and $10 is the normal cost for each on XBLA. And before any wise guys get smart, the answer is: No, there was absolutely nothing in the press release about Wii compilations.
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[via] Joystiq

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