Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pirates of the Burning Sea shivers your timbers Jan. 22

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If a pirate you were meant to be, trimming the sales and roaming the sea, you'd best mark January 22nd on your Official Babes 'n Barnacles calendar. The date sees massively multiplayer online swashbuckler sim, Pirates of the Burning Sea, ransacking your internet ports and plundering your PC's precious CPU cycles. If you've grown tired of the company of elves and orcs, perhaps living it out on the high seas -- be it through honest exploration or the shameless sinking of ships -- is more your thing.

Those who pre-order the game as of October 23rd will receive several bonus goodies, including a CD filled with "pirate-themed" music, "a blue and yellow parrot" and "a powerful weapon suited to their fighting style." The CD is an in-game item, as anachronistic as that may be. In addition, a pre-order nets you extra sailing time on the Burning Sea, with servers welcoming players 15 days prior to launch. Don't forget to pack some oranges.

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