Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nintendo details Wii Music

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Among the cavalcade of announcements from Nintendo this week comes details surrounding what appears to be a full fledged game based on the Wii's conductor demo shown during last year's E3. The game, tentatively titled Wii Music, was first brought to our attention earlier in an interview earlier this year, and will allow players to control a group of musicians in both single and multiplayer modes supporting up to four players.

Interestingly, while the E3 tech demo was based solely around the concept of conducting the orchestra using the Wii remote as a baton, this improved take on the concept will allow players to directly control of up to six band members using both motions and button presses, with Wii Music offing an impressive selection of 40 different types of instruments with which to outfit your band, leading us to believe that the game will support a wide array of music styles, though no details along this line have been announced. Wii Music is expected to ship in Japan sometime next year, however it's anyone's guess when the game will make the rounds to either North America or Europe.
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[via] Joystiq

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