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Nintendo keeps the public relations love parade with the Wii going as they introduce The site is designed as a place for Wii owners to post "real-life anecdotes" about the way the Wii has changed their life. Like the time the Wii ran into the street and saved the family cat right before it was about to get hit by a car, or the time the Wii baked that amazing lasagna your in-laws are still raving about. "Everyone's a gamer and every gamer has a Wii story to share," said Nintendo's US Marketing Lead George Harrison, as he continued preparing to leave the company and contemplating whether he'll wear his tiny Speedo when he takes that trip to Ibiza he's always wanted.

The site isn't active yet, but feel confident in knowing it will be well policed to be only the happiest Wii place on earth. Expect the stories to be a demographic spread expounding the brilliance of the Wii. Some of the preview quotes we received were things like the mom who discovers video games for the first time with the Wii, or the bone cancer victim bowling again ... no, seriously, there's a cancer victim in there: "'I always liked to bowl, although I wasn't very good at it, but I had to stop 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with bone cancer. ... Thanks to Wii I am able to enjoy one of my life's pleasures again.' -- Randy Bhaga" We can't wait for the Wii story that helped some kid come out of the closet or solve gang violence.
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