Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Majesco hops on 'brain training' bandwagon

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If there's one thing we need more of, it's brain training games. Thankfully this holiday season Majesco will fill this niche void with Left Brain Right Brain for the Nintendo DS, a platform that seems like such a natural fit for this sort of game that it's simply amazing someone didn't think of it sooner. And then come out with a sequel.

According to Majesco, the game will not only exercise your noodle, but also help improve manual dexterity while testing the neurological settlements on both sides of the brain's Mason-Dixon line through 15 games of speed, accuracy, association, recognition, memory and strategy. Left Brain Right Brain will also be played 'book-style,' as it forces players to 'rotate the DS' to exercise both their dominate and non-dominate hands, though this sounds to us like a better way to test how often the handheld can be dropped without breaking.

[Via press release]
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