Thursday, October 4, 2007

Japanese Halo 3 finishes the foreign fight in first place

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There are some caveats to consider, but first place is first place. Media Create's Japanese software sales chart (as detailed by Gamasutra) shows Microsoft's absurdly popular sci-fi shooter in first place having sold 59,000 copies in the last week. It's a relatively modest debut in a sluggish sales period, but Halo 3 is one of a scant few titles to ascend the chart and indeed, the wall of apathy Japanese gamers have constructed around all things Xbox.

Master Chief even managed to best Nintendo's Pokémon franchise, if only because of Nintendo's habit of splitting each installment into two similar but separate versions. With 55,000 units sold, Pókemon Mystery Dungeon 2 nips at Halo 3's heels in second place -- had its sales been combined with its counterpart, Master Chief would be finishing the foreign fight sans legs. Of course, that's nothing $300 million can't replace.
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[via] Joystiq

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