Wednesday, October 3, 2007

GamePro graphs PS3 and Gamecube sales

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GamePro has put together a graph showing the NPD data on Nintendo's Gamecube and PlayStation 3 sales for their first 10 months after launch. The chart shows how in North America the PS3 sold 1.7 million units in its 10 months since launch compared to the GameCube's 2.2 million. Those that have already sent their rage into overdrive see the implication of this graph as the PS3 will "fail" like the Gamecube. Last week it was a 3DO comparison, this week it's the Gamecube. Although one can easily argue that the PS3 is neither.

Sure the PS3 started rocky, lost assumed exclusives left and right, and Sony can't seem to craft a solid message to save its life. But the PlayStation is still a strong brand that should be able to rectify itself with a competitive price adjustment and some solid titles creating a base for the gaming console. Hopefully Sony can get that line on the graph to start moving up again. They're in no rush, they've got ten years.

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