Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Final Fantasy retrospective: Part XI

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GameTrailer's Final Fantasy retrospective finished looking at the Roman numeral games in the franchise weeks ago, but there are still many titles to cover that have the Final Fantasy name attached to them one way or another. This week they move into the Final Fantasy Legend, The Crystal Chronicles, and the Kingdom Hearts saga.

Let's just skip past the Final Fantasy Legend games because those aren't really Final Fantasy games (although what really is?), they were just given the name to capitalize on the Final Fantasy brand in the west and are actually the Saga series. Next on the list is the endearing Crystal Chronicles. If the GameBoy Advance required multiplayer were done today using the Nintendo DS, it really wouldn't be such a big deal considering everyone and their mother has a DS that could link up wirelessly with the Wii. The smart man's modern Gauntlet, Crystal Chronicles really is a great multiplayer experience if you have the GBAs. Finally, the retrospective covers Kingdom Hearts, where the peanut butter of Final Fantasy meets the chocolate of Disney. Kingdom Hearts now stands alone with its own separate world and rules to continue down its own path as more additions to the series are guaranteed to come along.

Next week the final episode in the Final Fantasy retrospective will cover all the remakes of the Roman numeral series we've seen over the years.

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