Thursday, October 4, 2007

ESA targeting elementary schools with anti-piracy message

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Listen, the ESA knows that they can't reach you on this whole piracy thing. No matter what they say, you're just too addicted to stealing. But, they know the whole thing could have worked out differently if they had access to a flux capacitor and some plutonium. If they could just go back in time, reach you when you were young, they could have stopped you before you fell in love with hot warez.

Well, they won't be making the same mistake twice. Cnet is reporting on the group's attempts to integrate their curriculum into everyday class time at the elementary school level. The ESA has even made a website for kids with all the tot-pleasing charm of the back of a Shoney's placemat and chock-full of info that the group is trying to get teachers to integrate into their classroom lesson plans. It's like we've always said: The main problem with America is that people know too much about math and science and reading and just not enough about the dangers of burning discs.

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