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Blizzard designer's gamer wedding

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How to incorporate gaming into your wedding and still keep it tasteful? It's a question many young men and women are dealing with nowadays. So, until we get The Tasteful Gamer's Wedding by Martha Stewart, we're just going to have to keep figuring it out on our own. This is how Cory Stockton, lead level designer at Blizzard, worked gaming into his wedding:
  • Super Mario Bros. wedding cake (So. Cal. designer Erica O'Brien)
  • Legend of Zelda ice sculpture/vodka luge (So. Cal. Union Ice). The sculpture doubled as a vodka luge for martini's and shots at the wedding. If you look close at the images in the gallery, you can see the channel flowing diagonal down the center of the sword/shield for the alcohol to flow.
  • Tables were all named after video game consoles, head table was called "Press Start to Begin". There were 23 tables ranging from NES, NeoGeo, to Xbox360.
  • The grand entrance music was The Legend of Zelda's overworld theme and the wedding party's music was the Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 theme.
His wife Christi was "100% ok" with those elements, but Stockton says it's mostly because it was his only real involvement with the wedding. He says the guests were happy with the elements as well and they received tons of compliments on the cake and sculpture. For the tables named after consoles Stockton says, "I actually tried to sit people at table names that matched up too. For instance we had the grandparents at the NES table and all the kids at the Wii table. I will say, the Virtual Boy table was not all that popular" More images can be found in the gallery below. Congrats to the couple.

Gallery: Stockton Gamer Wedding

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