Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Analyst: Cheaper PS3 won't impact Xbox 360 sales

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Jesse Divnich, an analyst at prediction market simExchange, believes the rumored $399 40GB PS3 will have little impact on the sales of Xbox 360. He says the new Xbox 360 bundles and "teh Haloz 3" will keep momentum going on the console for a while. Although he does believe there will be a slight dip in October sales as consumers wait for the new bundles which won't release until late in the month.

Divnich believes the buzz around the Xbox 360 is high enough now to deflect any effects if a cheaper PS3 is introduced to the market. Divnich says, "The cheaper price point will only be drawing customers who already planned on purchasing the PS3 but were deterred by the price." We'll get a better feel for the real impact of a 40GB model once Sony officially announces it for the North American market and see how it does at retail.
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[via] Joystiq

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