Monday, July 30, 2007

Viva Pinata announced for Nintendo DS

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During a Viva Piñata panel at Comic-Con, Rare announced a Nintendo DS version of their well-received (but demographically incongruous) Xbox 360 title, Viva Piñata. A Rare developer answered some basic questions on the forum, quelling fears that the title would not be developed by Rare - he said, "Very definitely 'yes' on this one. We have a dedicated handheld dev team." - and that the gameplay would be different - he said, "Game play wise, yes. It's the same game ... ." Still no word on whether or not the game will take advantage of the DS' Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

While it's not a huge surprise - Shane Kim intimated as much to 1UP - it's curious to see Microsoft publishing a title on a competitor's platform. If they can get the Pokemon crowd hooked on Viva Piñata via the enormously popular DS, then we're betting some of those kids just may grow up to be 360 owners.

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