Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nerfing your Wiimote

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From the company who saved thousands of children from the pain of -- well, pain in the '90s, come Nerf products to save your television and spouses from those sadistic Wiimotes. The Nerf Wiimote case is available on GameStop's website, but it looks like it's the same deal as the DS Lite Nerf case, where they'll send you a color at random. So, check other retailers if you want a specific color.

A Nerf case for your Wiimote really can't hurt, get it? We're still trying to figure out some way for us to have our Wiimote strapped on and reach for a drink without almost knocking the glass over as the Wiimote does a pendulum motion. Maybe bringing back the beer hat (for soda uses) wouldn't be such a bad idea for drink safety -- or the adult version of the Sippy cup.

[Via WiiFanboy]
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