Monday, July 30, 2007

Rumor: Best Buy done with Xbox 360 core model

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For those hoping that the expected $50 Xbox 360 price cut would bring the Core model down to the Wii-diculously great price of $250, we got some bad news. According to a source at Best Buy who sent Joystiq these images, the Xbox 360 Core model is dead and remaining stocks are all that's left of the system.

The sheet, according to our source, shows the description of the Xbox 360 Core hardware and underneath it is the word "deleted, meaning it is being taken out of the system." The out of stock date reads 7-29-07 and the larger image (found after the break) shows the pref code "y." According to the source, "This means replenishment of this item is not expected."

In a statement from July 16, when we originally heard rumblings that the Xbox 360 Core was over, a Microsoft spokesperson told us in regards to it being discontinued, "No. Xbox 360 Core remains an important member of the Xbox 360 family." Well, if the Best Buy papers end up being true, an important part of the family is about to swim with the fishes. Like Fredo from The Godfather, it breaks our hearts. We've contacted Microsoft to see if they'd like to revise their "important member" statement.

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Update: We heard back from a Microsoft representative who said, "Nothing's changed since last week."

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