Monday, July 23, 2007

F.E.A.R. gets new DLC yet again

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We really dodged a bullet today with this new F.E.A.R. DLC pack, called Synchronicity. We were afraid we wouldn't have anything to say at all, there was just a new level pack on July 4 for crying out loud. Luckily for us, they priced the thing at 550 points. Yep, five-hundred ... and fifty. For those of you nervously pounding on your Texas Instruments, let us save you some time. It's $6.87 -- and a half cent.

If you needed a reminder that the digital economy in still in its pupae state, this is it. Who played through three new CTF maps and two new Deathmatch/Control maps and was aghast that they would charge 500 points? "I insist, nay, demand you increase the price of this gaming product," the mysterious pricing manager might have shouted, as his monocle fell from his face. "You either raise the price sixty-two-and-one-half cents, or you may consider my resignation at this establishment tendered!" The plot thickens even more when you consider that the last map pack for F.E.A.R. was four maps for 500 points. It's further confirmation of what we all expected ... they're choosing these prices at random. Ah well, at least the spinning wheel isn't landing on $15 any more.
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