Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sony updates PS3 to 1.90, PSP to 3.52

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Sony has sneakily unleashed new firmware updates for both PSP and PS3 users in the middle of the night. PSP gets a measly .01 update, bringing the system to version 3.52. Downloadable through System Update, this patch simply adds "revisions to strengthen security" and increases the number of games that can be played from the PlayStation Network. Hopefully, a sign of further PS1 games to download?

The PS3 receives a far more significant update in its 1.90 firmware:
  • Wallpapers. No more generic XMB background for you! Better start downloading some high-res images.
  • Emoticons in messages. =D
  • Support for text entry with simplified and traditional Chinese characters has been added.
  • Games in the XMB can be sorted.
  • Video options can be adjusted while watching a DVD/Blu-ray Disc.
  • Eject a disc using the controller (but you still have to get up to pick up the disc).
  • Finally: No need to plug in the controller to update.
Although this update doesn't offer everything we've been clamoring for, it still has a few neat features. Let's hope Sony's unafraid to provide something truly meaningful (such as in-game XMB access) in firmware 2.0.

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