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Today in Joystiq: July 25, 2007

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Straight from ~Zsy's DeviantArt account, it's Elite Street Agents. Of course, without the outer circle moving inwards and hipsters in suits tapping funky grooves, the effect is lost. Check out the highlights for today:

The Joystiq E3 2007 Awards
Today's newest input device video: Slide Adventure

Persona 3 delayed until Aug. 14
Variety: Ubisoft's Heroes game likely revealed this weekend
Xbox 360's Virtua Fighter 5 slated for October 30th
America's Army coming to arcades
Heavenly Sword demo in NA this week too
Richard Garriott calls for MMO devs to innovate
Sony's Peter Dille: 'We're attacking online very, very aggressively'
Project Sylpheed DLC: Free, but pulled; Vampire Rain DLC: Free, but pointless
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue producer reveals online features
Warhound: open-ended FPS headed to Xbox 360, PC in 2008
Shadowrun patched
PSP dev kits offered to universities
Sam & Max Season 2 starts this Fall
Lair is done, set for August 14 release date
GameFly expanding to Austin, Texas
Metroid retrospective explores first two games

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Xbox 360 gets $50 price cut in August

Culture & Community
Leipzig expects 200k people at Games Convention
PaRappa t-shirt contest got the got the funky flow
Xbox Live bringing Comic-Con home
Rockstar's rise and fall told by the common worker
N'Gai Croal vs. MS attack dog in PS3 bet
G4 makes Master Chief's True Hollywood Story
Space invading fashion hoodies
Disney press conference fails audience participation
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