Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ubi brings free Heroes of Might and Magic MMO to the web

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When looking for games, the web browser is the sort of place we expect to find casual knock offs or children's MMOs. It's certainly not the first place (or even the twelfth place) we'd expect to play the next big strategy release from Ubisoft, yet that is exactly what the powerhouse is planning with Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms, an upcoming free to play web-based entry in the long-running HoMM franchise.

According to Ubi, the game will not require players to download or install any software, and just to make things a bit more strange, Kingdoms is described as a persistent MMO, meaning you may soon be defending your castle walls from assault by a preteen boasting an unhealthy cocktail of vitamin-R and bone dragons. Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms is expected to make its online debut worldwide next spring, though Ubi notes that Heroes of Might and Magic: Complete Edition, which ships today in Europe, will include beta keys for those eager to get a jump on the rest of us.
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[via] Joystiq

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